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Undersea Weapons (UW) | guidance & control technologies (gct)

The Guidance and Control Technologies (GCT) Division, led by Ms. Michele Keller, specializes in the autonomous undersea weapons technologies needed for search, detection, classification, and prosecution of a target. Division engineers and analysts develop, implement, and test the fundamental sonar signal processing, pattern recognition algorithms and tracking filters for sensing and control GC Technologyneeded by a torpedo to accomplish its mission. Weapon resources, including the sensors, are managed by the mission control function; its tactical logic component plans and executes the search and homing operations, utilizing the world model constructed by the sensor system. GCT division software engineers map the computationally-intensive signal processing and tactical control algorithms onto state-of-the-art computing hardware, utilizing sound, industry-accepted programming practices. The GCT Division has contributed important technological advances to a variety of current and future US Navy systems, including: the transition of the Torpedo Intelligent Controller (TIC) to the 21"-diameter MK48 ADCAP (Advanced Capability) heavyweight torpedo; a suite of technologies to increase the operational performance of the MK-54 Lightweight Torpedo; and the design and implementation of signal processing algorithms and tactical control software for the Common Very Lightweight Torpedo (CVLWT), a new 6.75"-diameter weapon designed for both offensive and defensive use.