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Materials & Manufacturing (MM) | systems engineering & integration (sei)

Advanced Laser ProcessThe System Engineering and Integration Department within the Laser Processing Division is responsible for the operation of the various systems within the processing laboratory.  It also plays a leading role in the design and integration of specialty devices and systems needed for development and transitioning of advanced laser processing technology.  Expertise of individuals within the department includes operation and maintenance of laser systems, design of optical systems, sensors and detectors, automation and robotics technology, system integration, and laser safety.

The System Engineering and Integration Department draws upon a range of engineering talents and experience in the design and implementation of components and systems to enable the development of advanced laser processes.  This broad expertise enables the effective transition of real-world advanced laser processing solutions to industry.  The department has successfully (i) developed and fielded custom designed components and systems, (ii) developed functional specifications for advanced robotics and managed procurements from commercial system integrators, and (iii) transitioned advanced processes to commercial fabricators.  Utilizing its unique capabilities, the System Engineering and Integration Department stands ready to provide optimal solutions for DoD and industry.

Animation of Deep Bore Cladding Head Design, Robot Simulation, and Cladding Video