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Materials & Manufacturing (MM) | process technologies (pt)

Process Technologies is primarily responsible for developing laser-based processes for a wide range of applications.  Core competencies within the division include laser processing of materials that entail additive, substractive, and conjunctive technologies.  A multitude of modern engineering and scientific tools are utilized to develop a fundamental understanding of laser materials processing.  Several active research areas include process development, process modeling, laser beam characterization, and additive manufacturing.  By leveraging close collaborations with the Penn State materials and engineering communities, the department is able to bring to bear the vast materials characterization resources on hand at Penn State.

Department personnel have expertise in a range of technology areas, to include materials, welding and joining, deposition, and additive manufacturing and are on the cutting edge of laser processing in the United States and are active in the development of new laser processing technologies and applications.  These areas of expertise allow the department to utilize a range of tools to formulate multi-disciplinary solutions to complex manufacturing and processing problems.  Our strong foundation in materials science also makes us well suited to develop processes applicable to a wide range of materials for applications requiring high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and compatibility with a wide range of dissimilar materials.

Capabilities in the department can be roughly divided into the macro-processing and micro-processing areas.  In the macro-processing area, there are three major technology thrust areas involving laser-arc hybrid welding, high deposition rate laser cladding, and deep penetration laser welding.  In the micro-processing area, additive manufacturing, micro-machining, and surface texturing are three current thrust areas  Department personnel work closely with the Systems Engineering and Integration department to apply laser technology to repair and manufacturing applications for both Department of Defense and industrial partners.

Laser-Based Process

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