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fluids, structural mechanics & acoustcs research areas

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Research Facilities

Fluids, Structural Mechanics & Acoustics (FSMA) | Research Facilities (rf)

Research Facilities is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and upgrading the GTWT facilities, test model assembly, instrumentation design and application, test data quality assurance, and computer support.

Computer Support

The GTWT Computer Support staff provides strategic planning, development, and implementation of state of the art network infrastructure, servers, desktop workstations, data acquisition systems, parallel computing environments, and DOD network security models.  One main focus of this group is the constant evaluation and development of LINUX based parallel clusters to provide high performance parallel computing environments for computationally complex problems.

Our staff also collaborates with ARL Computing and Networks Division for laboratory wide computing resource planning, implementation, asset management, budgeting, and purchasing.

Model & Facility Support

Hi - RepThe GTWT facilities at ARL Penn State have supported Navy, DOD, and industrial sponsors for over 50 years. The Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel is a complex of hydrodynamic and hydroacoustic test facilities that are registered with the International Towing Tank Conference, an organization of member countries that design and test ships and other marine structures in tanks and tunnels. Since the 48-inch Diameter Water Tunnel began operation in 1949, many additional facilities and capabilities were added. Many of the smaller water tunnels, the wind tunnel, glycerin tunnel, and anechoic chamber are utilized to research specific physics problems, so they are especially appropriate for graduate student work. Test models can be built and instrumented in-house for full program support.


High Reynolds Number Test Facility, HIREP