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fluids, structural mechanics & acoustcs research areas

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Noise Control & Hydroacoustics

Fluids, Structural Mechanics & Acoustics (FSMA) | flow acoustics (fa)

As an integral part of Hydroacoustics, Flow Acoustics specializes in the analysis, measurement, and control of flow induced noise and excitation phenomena associated with unsteady flows and fluid loaded structures.

Applying a combination of first principle, experimental, and computationally intensive techniques, Flow Acoustics, in conjunction with Structural Acoustics, analytically models and predicts flow interaction phenomena such as internal passage noise, blade row interactions, blade passing frequency noise, turbulence ingestion noise, trailing edge noise, and vortex shedding. The predictions are in the quantifiable terms of radiated sound pressure, surface pressures, structural accelerations, and induced forces. The Flow Acoustics Department also has the expertise to accurately measure the predicted phenomena by using hydrophones, pressure transducers, accelerometers, and force gauges. Once the predominant fluid structure interactions are understood, Noise Control Engineering techniques are applied to the problem minimizing the structures vibration and the resultant noise.

This approach has been successfully utilized by Flow Acoustics on a variety of applications including such items as propellers, plates, hulls and internal compartments to minimize radiated noise and induced unsteady forces.