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fluids, structural mechanics & acoustcs research areas

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Noise Control & Hydroacoustics

Noise Control & Hydroacoustics

Fluids, Structural Mechanics & Acoustics (FSMA) | Noise Control & Hydroacoustics (nch)

Submarine Underway Noise Control and Hydroacoustics utilizes extensive experience from years of work with acoustics and noise control engineering for US Navy submarines to solve noise and vibration problems, and design quiet products.  Utilizing experimental facilities, analytical skills, and computational tools we quickly and efficiently diagnose problems and provide solutions. 




Anechoic Chamber

We work on problems large and small, helping the US Navy with their ship and submarine noise problems, and working with business and industry to quiet their products.  We will work with you at Penn State, or if your problem requires field testing, we will be glad to visit with our fully portable data acquisition/analysis systems.