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fluids, structural mechanics & acoustcs research areas

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Marine & Physical Acoustics

Fluids, Structural Mechanics & Acoustics (FSMA) | Environmental Acoustics (ea)

5 Oct Array

Environmental Acoustics addresses many aspects of sound interaction with the ocean environment. Research topics include seabed reflection, scattering, shallow water reverberation and clutter, and geoacoustic inversion. Recent emphasis includes studying the impact of seabed and water column variability on system performance prediction uncertainty.

Our approach includes an active sea-going component which is the basis for developing and validating theoretical and numerical models. These efforts ultimately lead to improved understanding of oceanic and geologic processes, as well as advances in sonar signal processing, improved survey techniques, and mitigation of effects of sonar on marine mammals.

Deployment of Five Octave Towed Array


Ocean Temp Variability
Ocean temperature variability measured from our CTD chain


Environmental Variability