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ARL Warminster Anechoic Building
300 East Bristol Road
Warminster, PA 18974-2935

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Large Anechoic Chamber (LAC) - A PSU/ARL Facility for Microwave Research and Development

Fisheye Chamber

Core Mission

The PSU ARL Large Anechoic Chamber supports internal ARL projects as well as research and development programs for its customers.  Our mission is to increase the knowledge and understanding of applied electromagnetics in key areas of defense and commercial systems utilizing communications, navigation, and sensor-based systems such as direction finding, for example.


Services Offered

- Antenna Characterization
- Antenna Integration
- Antenna Design
- Transmitter, Receiver, & Transceiver Design
- RF Signal Processing
- System EMC/EMI Measurement and Mitigation
- System Analyses

Where we are

Anechoic Chamber Sign

Located about 50 minutes north of Philadelphia, our facility is situated on two acres in suburban Warminster on the site of the former Naval Air Warfare Center
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Chamber Overview

The PSU ARL Anechoic Chamber, supporting antenna testing down to an attractive 100 MHz low end, is a rectangular chamber and is 100 feet long x 40 feet wide x 40 feet high.  Instrumented with a microwave receiver, heavy duty positioning equipment, and specialized antenna pattern measurement software, this facility, believed to be the largest university run chamber in the U.S., is ideal for test and development for items ranging from antennas  to integrated platforms.  The chamber supports simultaneous measurement of up to 10 antennas and has also supported optical and Radar Cross Section type tests as well as tests needing a large volume requiring high RF isolation.   A GPS repeater is available for tests requiring GPS reception.