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Communication, Information & Navigation (CIN) | synthetic environment applications laboratory (sealab)

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"CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment" entrance

Situational Awareness and Planning

SEALab Images
Working in a virtual mockup

Visual Analytics
Visual Analytics

Network Visualization
Network Visualization

Pegula Bench
Virtual Environments
Synthetic Environment Applications

SEALab staff provide expertise in advanced visualization techniques, immersive environment technologies, and modeling and simulation architectures supporting improved decision-making through improved human-centered interaction with complex data and models. They are experienced in providing effective, human-in-the-loop approaches to data fusion and multi-source information aggregation, integration, and presentation.
  • Gesture-based user interface systems integrating multi-touch and gesture-activated display surfaces with mission-specific data and applications to support improved data interaction and decision making. These systems have been fielded in operational environments for:

    • real-time situational awareness, operational support, and improved small group collaboration
    • planning and analysis of site security

  • Data aggregation services to provide ingestion, fusion, display and dissemination of operationally relevant data for an improved situational awareness (SA) picture

  • Full-scale virtual environment applications for training simulations, site familiarization, vehicle and building construction design review, planning and cost reduction

  • Real-time motion capture of user immersed in 3D stereoscopic environment performing actions within the virtual mockup, shared or streamed to desktop users, mobile devices, or large-format displays including CAVEs (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment)

  • Visualizations designed to provide effective environments for interaction with and analysis of high-volume geo-temporal data sets

  • Advanced visualization system architecture and design, including developing hardware and software requirements and system integration across the breadth of visualization environments from CAVEs to stereo desktops to gesture displays

Hardware Technologies

SEALab staff are experienced in developing and deploying solutions using multiple advanced visualization hardware platforms including CAVEs, 3D stereo walls, stereo TVs and monitors, and gesture displays in a wide variety of footprints – tables, large-format LCDs, desktops, laptops, tablets.

  • Gesture and touch-enabled displays

  • Immersive Display systems:
    • multi-wall and single-wall
    • 3D stereoscopic projectors, tracking systems, interactive devices

  • Other stereo visualization technologies
    • Head Mounted Displays (HMDs)
    • zSpace InfiniteZ

Software Technologies

SEALab staff develop effective applications using a variety of software packages, both Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and PSU ARL-developed.

Example Transitioned Capabilities:

  • Interactive visualization of relationship data that handles time series data, enables the visualization of relationships changing over time, and supports what-if analysis scenarios.

  • Desktop and gesture-surface tools for collaborative drawing and annotation

  • Real-time web services, cross source correlation, temporal playback, custom data feeds for real-time situational awareness and operational support systems

  • Virtual Environment navigation and interaction for immersive displays

  • Touch-enabled dashboard user interfaces for virtual training systems using gaming technology