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Communication, Information & Navigation (CIN) | geospatial & decision support (gds)

ARL's Geospatial & Decision Support, analyzes, designs, develops, and prototypes systems for all DoD services, national intelligence and other government agencies, and industry.  The systems and applications research and development includes: communications; signal design, exploitation, and processing; image analysis, GIS (Geographic Information System); ultrasonic medical and environmental imaging; information and multisensor fusion; C4ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance); Robust Modulation; and automated information management.

ARL's GITS Division has extensive experience in data fusion, information management, communications, C4ISR, image/ultrasound processing, and GIS. Our proven capabilities and experience has evolved as a result of long term relationships with the DoD Intelligence community in:

  • Automated information management - concept to demo
  • Communications systems analysis, design, and exploitation
  • Data and information fusion - concept to fielding
  • Electronic warfare system engineering and prototyping
  • Image processing and GIS systems - practical and tactical utility
  • Mulit-service, multi-INT, and multi-sensor information management
  • RF and optical communications systems prototyping
  • Wideband and high-frequency ultrasonic imaging

IFP facilities include:

  • Ultrasonic Imaging Laboratory
  • Mulitprocessing Analysis Laboratory
  • Tactical Systems Integration Laboratory
  • Tactical Command Control Center (Mock-up)