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Advanced Technology (AT) | systems design (sd)

Capabilities Chart
SRD maintains capabilities in all areas related to SONAR systems design.  The disciplines represented by SRD personnel are Mechanical (static and dynamic), Electrical (analog, digital, power, and signal processing), Materials Science, and Computer Science engineering, as well as, Physics, Acoustics, and Electro-Acoustic Transduction.  In addition to the design engineering staff, the Division employs an extremely skilled engineering aide and support staff able to fabricate components and sub-assemblies, provide process control and documentation, perform in-process, component, sub-system, and final system testing.

Generally, the SRD makes one-of-a-kind systems. The documentation trail is important from a scientific aspect as well when guiding the technology to transition. All components and systems are thoroughly tested prior to delivery. Typically, SRD personnel will accompany the unit to the field to support customer trials and provide system and tools training. This ability to follow the systems full circle from design and fabrication to field monitoring and data analysis provides SRD with unique feedback into the design process that is then leveraged for future system designs or upgrades. The systems are designed to be used by platform users, scientists, and fleet personnel with little SRD intervention, which has enabled a number of SRD systems to make the transition to acquisition.

  • ARL designed the complete SONAR payload on the Small Synthetic Aperture Minehunter now being used by the S&T community and the fleet.. 
  • The Systems Design Department is responsible for array design, power electronics, low noise receiver electronics, data acquisition/storage, and signal processing. 
  • The Transduction and Array Technology Department is responsible for the packaging and fabrication of projector and receiver transducer hardware. 
  • The Materials and Device Development Department is responsible for new active material integration and device design.


  • Test equipment
  • Fabrication equipment