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Advanced Technology (AT) | test & evaluation technologies (tet)

Key Areas of Expertise

Test and Evaluation Technologies has demonstrated expertise and ongoing tasking in the following areas:

  • Signal processing 
  • Supervised and unsupervised clustering
  • Pattern recognition
  • Product test and evaluation (T&E)
  • System engineering and prototype development
  • Complex field test design and execution

Thrust Areas - Test and Evaluation Technologies are actively engaged in a wide range of system concepts, signal processing, pattern recognition, and prototype development. We are dedicated to the application of theory and fundamental principles to solve real world problems. Producing field testable prototypes is our primary goal. Key thrust areas include:

  • Science and Technology support to DoD Test & Evaluation
  • Applications of Pattern Recognition technology to hard problems

Technology & Software

  • Interpret signals to assist in decision making
  • Statistical characterization of data
  • Feature analysis and evaluation
  • Decision rule generation
  • Error estimation
  • Advanced MATLAB-based software package developed at ARL (SEPARĀT)

Potential Applications

  • Pattern recognition education
  • Fundamental research
  • Ship automation, reduced manning
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Data mining
  • Remote sensing image analysis

Previous Applications

  • Sonar signal classification
  • Hazmat classification
  • Helicopter gearbox fault detection
  • Laser weld classification
  • Voice Recognition
  • And many more …
Test & Evaluation

TIS Enables Realistic Evolution of ATT Salvo Tactics


TPSS Initiated Shutdown (TIS)

  • ATT target did not die after successful test engagement
  • TPSS Initiated Shutdown (TIS) will calculate the range to an incoming ATT in real time
  • TIS processing will shutdown the target when the ATT is sufficiently close
ATT Salvo

Proposed Slace-T will be advanced, highly capable CM emulator and could be mofdified for fleet operational use


Proposed towed array enables …

  • Full duplex operation
  • Spatial extent
  • More emulations

SLACE with Towed Array (SLACE-T)SLACE Towed Array