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Advanced Technology (AT) | experimental support group (esg)

Exp Support Photo 1
High-rate Energy Conversion Power Plant Test Vehicle
Exp Support Photo 2
Turbine Testing
Exp Support Photo 3
Combustor Testing

The Experimental Support Group primarily provides advanced experimental support to the Energy Science and Power Systems Division through the maintenance and operation of highly capable and versatile test facilities operated by an experienced staff of multi-disciplinary technicians.  The Group also supports the research and development objectives of other research units within the Applied Research Laboratory and The Pennsylvania State University, as well as external organizations.

Facilities: Brochure - PDF

  • Test Site - High Energy Facility
  • Steam Plant - Test Facility
  • Rod Bundle Heat Transfer Facility
  • Fueling Facility

Contract Testing

The staff and facilities of the Experimental Support Group may be scheduled and contracted to perform independent evaluations and tests for a wide range of energy and power system equipment.