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Advanced Technology (AT) | autonomous control & intelligent systems (ACIS)

The Autonomous Control and Intelligent Systems Division at ARL has extensive experience in all aspects of fully autonomous and manual systems. This is embodied in the following departments within the ACIS division:

    1. Operations Research Department - provides objective technology assessments and system optimization solutions to study system requirements, technology options, and cost/performance.
    2. Signal Processing Department - conducts sensor and signal processing research associated with intelligent systems. Signal extraction technologies are used to make detection, classification, localization and tracking decisions.
    3. Intelligent Control Systems Department - develops tactical and mission control algorithms and architectures. Performs real-time decision making based on sensor data and mission goals. This includes development of technology for autonomous unmanned vehicles and advisory systems for manned platforms.
    4. Embedded Systems and Technology Department - performs basic and applied research, development, and rapid prototyping of advanced embedded systems. The expertise encompasses applications that require data management, information extraction, real-time processing, high performance cloud computing, and power management.
    5. Intelligent Systems Laboratory - houses unmanned air and ground vehicles that can be used to support autonomy research at the graduate-studies level. Research areas include distributed data fusion, urban flight path planning, leader-follower operations, constant stare, and collaborative autonomy.

ACIS Capabilities - An illustrative view of the capabilities within ACIS.

ACIS has developed simulated and real-time systems with advanced processing and control technologies that range from unmanned underwater, surface, and air vehicles, ship-board automation, medical advisory systems, and fault recognition capabilities.

ACIS has proven capabilities in acoustic and non-acoustic sensors, waveform design, navigation, embedded systems, system integration, systems analysis, at-sea testing, system simulations, and data analysis. ACIS supports improvements to Navy surface ships, submarines, and unmanned off-board systems and has extensive experience in guidance, navigation, and control of unmanned systems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sonar Engineering
  • Acoustic Sensors
  • Non-acoustic Sensors: e.g., seismic, electromagnetic, electro-optic
  • Signal Processing (see TAB above)
  • Detection/Classification Theory
  • Tracking Algorithms
  • Intelligent Control (see TAB above)
  • Navigation
  • Auto Pilots and Vehicle Control
  • Guidance Laws and Tactics
  • Embedded Real-Time Software
  • Real-Time Signal Processing Architectures
  • COTS Hardware and Software
  • Computer-Aided Software Engineering
  • Digital Simulation and Analysis
  • Systems Integration
  • Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
  • Automated Target Recognition Software
  • Non-Linear Control
  • Rapid Prototyping