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ARL - Celebrating 70 years of Discovery and Innovation.

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WELCOME to The Applied Research Laboratory (ARL)

  serving america's defense, industry, and education for over 65 years.  
  • Education thumb-Education Education We are proud to be a part of the Penn State tradition and to serve as a University Center of Excellence.

    ARL at Penn State is an integral part of one of the leading research universities in the nation and serves as a University Center of Excellence in Defense science, systems, and technologies with a focus in naval missions and related areas. As a DoD-designated, U.S. Navy UARC (University Affiliated Research Center), ARL maintains a long-term strategic relationship with the U.S. Navy and provides support for the other services. ARL provides science, systems, and technology for national security, economic competitiveness and quality of life through:
    • Education
    • Scientific Discovery
    • Technology Demonstration
    • Transition to Application
  • Scientific Discovery - Mission-Critical at ARL thumb-Scientific Scientific Discovery - Mission-Critical at ARL ARL is primarily a science, systems and technology-based laboratory with strength and leadership in the following research areas:
    • Acoustics
    • Battery Systems
    • Communications & Information
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Condensers
    • Deep Ocean Pressure Testing
    • Direct Digital Manufacturing
    • Guidance & Control
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Hydroacoustics
    • Hydrodynamics
    • Information Fusion
    • Laser Processing
    • Marine Composites
    • Materials and Manufacturing
    • Navigation Sciences
    • Platform Production Engineering
    • Propulsion
    • Repair Technologies
    • Signal Design, Exploitation
    • Stirling Engines
    • Sys. Cost Performance Modeling
    • Systems Engineering
    • Systems Health Monitoring
    • Thermal Energy Systems
    • Transmission Technologies
    • Turbines
    • Work Force Education
  • Technology Demonstration thumb-Technology Technology Demonstration Over 65 years of Partnership with Industry, Government, and Education.

    ARL provides a focal point for the development and transfer of new technologies, processes and equipment in a cooperative environment with industry, academia, and other Navy acquisition and in-service uses. ARL Penn State, a U.S. Navy University Affiliated Research Center as designated by DoD, maintains a long term strategic relationship with the Naval Sea Systems Command and the Office of Naval Research.
  • Transition to Application thumb-Transition Transition to Application ARL champions the transfer of advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, in partnership with industry and Navy research development centers, to acquisition programs and fleet operations, as well as to other government agencies and the private sector.

    Successful technology transfer requires flexibility in addressing intellectual property concerns. ARL utilizes the Intellectual Property Office at Penn State and transfers resident technologies through individualized proprietary agreements and intellectual property licensing arrangements. The University recognizes the importance of transferring this technology to the commercial sector where it can benefit the public.

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